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galanter, led him to believe a whole team of experts and investigators had been hired to work on his case only to find out later that never happened. even though o.j. simpson says he paid galanter $500,000 for his defense. he also testified despite his cohorts getting plea deals he was never offered one. that is because, according to testimony, galanter never told him it was an option. take a listen. >> did you ever hear about a two to five? >> no. >> did you ever hear about a 30-month to five? >> no. >> did you every hear about one count of robbery? >> no. >> reporter: yale ga landter is expected to take the stand tomorrow. martha, expect a very different version. back to you. martha: this is the first time we've seen him on the stand, right? >> reporter: that's right. o.j. simpson, you will recall, did not take the stand in his murder trial and he did not take the stand in the robbery and kidnapping case. his attorneys yesterday said he was very happy to get up there and tell his side of the story. and according to those who were inside the courtroom, he actually represented himself ver
his attorney at the time -- glen galanter -- told him he could use some force, as long as he didn't trespass. galanter is expected to testify tomorrow. simpson is serving a 33- year sentence but is eligible for parole in 20- 17. the postal service is warning workers that two letters laced with ricin were found at a post office in spokane, washington. authorities don't think that anyone is at risk.but they're telling postal workers to see a doctor if they develop any symptoms. the letters were addressed to the post office and a federal judge. they're *not linked to the president obama, a mississipi senator, and a judge. >>jacqueline: we will see sunshine into tomorrow afternoon. temperatures same school as we head into the weekend, last fall and warmer temperatures. first satellite and radar picture showing clear skies over the bay area. we are still seen towers over to the east. -- we are seeing showers. up in the north bay, will have pettifog but that will clear very early. we will still see fog over the east bay. that will clear around nine or 10:00 this morning. temperature ri
based on the argument, essentially the argument that galanter failed to effectively represent him back in 2008 when he was accused of stealing his own sports memorabilia from las vegas dealers. the judge has not set a date for the ruling yet but karen desociety see former defense attorney and prosecutor, wendy murphy is a former prosecutor. i wanted to bring you guys both in to talk about this and the jodi arias control. >> based on my conversations with mr. simpson the day after the event, he told me that did he ask alexander to bring guns. >> how damaging was galanter's testimony? >> ouch. talk about throwing attorney client privilege out the window. very damaging. remember, krark the whole strategy here is i didn't know, i was just kind of there. >> o.j.'s bid for a retrial has been called a hail mary. from what you have seen so far, was his bid a long shot at best from the beginning? >> yeah. i mean, good football metaphor and almost never successful, because not only has he been found guilty by a jury but he has had his appeal, already had his regular what we call direct appeal an
the case. and now galanter is taking the stand and said that simpson xu his friends had guns when they went in the hotel room. that is live from los angeles. dom, it is a theatrical performance. >> yeah. we have it all week. most incredible o.j. simpson was taking the stand and speaking out in defense for himself. he's never done it beforine even in the murder trial. he denoticed knowing his friends and he claimed he was drunk and impairing his mind at the timement galanta exploded in fury as he was pressed on whether he encouraged o.j. simpson to meet with sports collectors while they were packing weapons. >> mr. simpson never told me the night before that he was going to go in the palace station with a bunch of thugs and that he asked to bring guns and keep people in the room and forcibly take his property back and the insulation that i would have blessed oregon anybody else that practiced law is insane. >> he didn't stop there. he also said he didn't think o.j. simpson was intoxicateed when he went to the meeting. >> it is something to play out and how likely is o.j. simpson to get a new
grasso assisted galanter in 2008, and emphatically told the court monday he wanted simpson to testify then. >> o.j. is a very eloquent person. and he can explain himself very well. and so i thought he would be a great witness. >> reporter: simpson's lawyers also tried to show the former heisman trophy winner had been drinking alcohol, which impaired him from seeing his cohorts carry guns into the confrontation. the new simpson team argues that galanter knew about simpson's plans to get back some of his memorabilia. simpson's daughter arnelle took the stand saying she was with her father and galanter at dinner the night before the incident. >> was your dad drinking alcohol that evening? >> yes. >> do you recall overhearing any conversation about your dad's plan to go look at his property the next day? >> yeah. >> and who did you hear talking about that? >> my dad was talking to you. >> simpson is waiting to testify in this hearing. >> this will be his first time to be able to tell what happened and, you know, instead of hearing it in bits and pieces and, you have to remember the eviden
. that his personal attorney in the lead counsel yale galanter, sold him down the river, took his money and did very little work. failed to hire a experienced competent appellate lawyer. most importantly that today lanter may have known and advised o.j., it was okay, legal to confront the two sports memorabilia dealers to get his personal items back. >> had i known that yale, for example, had told o.j., you have the right to go in there and, you know and as long as you don't force yourself in, break and enter or commit a burglary or something like that, you have the right to go in there and do this, i would have said look, i don't think you can be the lawyer on the case. >> reporter: galanter allegedly never disclosed that to the court, never brought it up at trial. would have shown that simpson was acting on his lawyer's advice and may have made a difference. gregg. gregg: i'm not sure in any lawyer in america would say, go in with a gun, pistol whip people, hold them against their will and steal this stuff. we'll let the judge decide. is there, william, anything else, legally speaking
his ex where,yale galanter, botched his case by giving him bad advice at trial and by not telling the jury that he knew about simpson's plan to meet the sports memorabilia dealers in advance and toes and said it was legal. of course it's his word against galanter's who is scheduled to testify friday. legal experts say less than 1 percent of the people file these type of appeal actually win. >> james: we want to take you back out to that las vegas courtroom where o.j. simpson is expected to testify today at a hearing in a bid to get his robbery, assault and kidnapping convictions thrown out. let's listen and nancy will begin here. >> how often did you see him in person during the time when you weren't working on the case anymore. >> not that often. from time to time. yell had relationshiale had a relationsh >> due to repay him for those purposes? >> no. height >> de know whether or not he used your name to advertise his criminal defense business and other ways? >> no. i am hoping there representing me had helped him. the mob but you do not know whether he put your name in his ads f
't even informed about this plea bargain agreement, that galanter simply turned it down without consulting his client. would that be enough to reopen this case? >> it's possible it might be. but remember, this is entirely on the basis of o.j. simpson's words. there is no proof that any such offer was ever made. there is no proof that galanter refused to tell him. why would galanter not tell him about a plea offer? it doesn't make any sense, this claim. but the hearing is just getting started. there will be more evidence, and perhaps his claim will look better. but since it's just o.j. simpson's word, we need to take it with a grain of salt, to put it mildly. >> jeffrey wrote a terrific book on the original o.j. simpson trial. jeffrey, thanks very much. >>> human waste thrown at u.s. guards. that's one of the truly shocking revelations from an exclusive cnn visit to the terrorist de t detention center in guantanamo bay. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat more dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your
, testified today that a lot of mistakes were made and mostly pointing to yale galanter, the lead attorney. he said it was a mistake not putting simpson on the stand. and like you mentioned, he will be doing that tomorrow presumably and telling his side of the story. a lot of anticipation about what he will say and what he has seen since it's been so long. and he clearly looks a lot more weary since five years ago when he was last in a courtroom. his hair is gray. his arms are shackled. he shuffles when he walks and you can tell that he is wincing or seems in pain when he stands because of the shackles on his legs. he did win a small victory when the judge allowed them to remove the shackles from one hand so he could take sips of water. later this afternoon, the man who prosecuted simpson last time in 2008 is expected to testify. there is a witness roster of close to 20 people during the week. it is o.j. simpson's chance to walk out of the courtroom a free man and get another trial. >> thank you very much. we'll see what happens tomorrow. and coming up, some 50 murder cases in new york city, n
expect? >> reporter: a big day tomorrow. that is yale galanter, part of o.j.'s former defense team. that is the big question right now. what is he going to say? people have tried to get comment from him throughout this hearing. and he is saying nothing. so what he says tomorrow is going to be very crucial. one would imagine to the outcome of this hearing. >> thanks very much. >>> up next, clash from race to religion to the role of government. how can we build the very real divides between us without sacrificing ourselves. yeah, we're getting deep next in "the cycle." introducing new febreze stick & refresh with command strips from 3m. designed to stick and eliminate odors anywhere. like this overflowing trashcan. to test it, we brought in the scott family. so what do you smell? beach house and you're looking out over the ocean. some place like, uh, hawaii in like a flower field. take your blindfolds off. aw man! [ screams ] [ laughs ] that smells good. i wouldn't even just put it in the trash, i'd put it in every room. stick it to eliminate odors anywhere. new febreze stick & refre
vegas back in 2007. yale galanter says he did his best to represent simpson. >> i wanted to do everything i could possibly do to give o.j. a shot at getting released. i thought that his conviction and sentence was unfair. >> simpson is serving 33 years in prison right now. >>> in phoenix, jurors in the jodi arias trial are hearing from the family of travis alexander. they're sharing emotional stories about the man arias is convicted of brutally murdering. casey wian has details. >> reporter: steven alexander was in the u.s. army in 2008 when he found out his brother travis had been murdered, as his killer, an emotional jodi arias, sat and watched, alexander told jurors about the unanswered questions that haunt him to this day. >> how much did he suffer? how much did he scream? what was he saying? what was the last thing he saw before his eyes closed? what was his final thought in his head? >> reporter: next, sister samantha alexander approached the podium, crying even before she spoke. >> travis was our strength, our constant beacon of hope. our motivation and his presence has
an infuriated galanter make a heated outburst about the accusation being insane. e pes watching the exchanges say actually things appear to be falling into o.j.'s favor. >> if you look at the way he was this week on the witness stand and just use the other people as comparison, unbelievable. he was charismatic, deliberate, articulate. he was definitive. and it wasn't rote. it wasn't like pretaped in his head. it wasn't that at all. it was very believable. >> we'll see if o.j. earns himself a retrial for that. judge's decision expected in the next couple of weeks. >> an uphill battle for simpson. all right. dominic, thanks. >> arthel: gregg, today is armed forces day and we celebrate by showing off a great opportunity for veterans. it's called the viper program at a community college in new jersey. vets can turn their military training into a college degree, bringing in now molly line to explain how it works. you and i were talking upstairs and you really, really like this program. >> yeah. it's a great program. it's such a great story. the men and women of our armed forces, they give so much
expected this week are now retired prosecutors in the las vegas case and yale galanter, simpson's lead attorney in the kidnap trial and former ally. simpson's new lawyers will argue that galanter had a conflict of interest in part because of his business dealings with the football star. simpson has been housed in northern nevada. his lawyers call him a model inmate. >> it's common for those not to get along with each other, because of his status of a celebrity and his personality, he sometimes mediates between different groups. >> reporter: simpson is now hoping his new legal team will spring him from prison for good. and simpson's sentence 9 to 33 years. john, christine. >> as you said, now 65 years old. thanks for that report. appreciate it. >>> ahead on "starting point," a family getting a shock of its life when an #-foot alligator pops up at the front door. >> and paul was called into get the beast away. that's him. that's the alligator. they are with us live. hey america, even though she doesn't need them, cheryl burke is cha-cha-ing in depend silhouette briefs for charity, to pro
, if the judge says galanter pud his considerations or motivations before his client, o.j. may be, but still a real long shot. martha: we've seen crazy things happen in court where this man is concerned. we'll wait until the fat lady sings on this one. william, thank you. gregg: that's a new one. my lawyer said it was okay to rob and kidnap and pistol whip people. martha: as long as i got my stuff that. gregg: good luck with that defense. a little later on in the program we'll speak to somebody very familiar with o.j. simpson. former l.a.p.d. homicide detective mark fuhrman will weigh in on simpson's push for freedom. martha: plus the irs apologizing now for unfairly targeting tea party groups and lots of people, just for putting the word constitution in their application. so will they accept that apology? dick armey, founder of freedomworks, is up next. gregg: check this out. walls of ice slamming into yards and homes. what in the world is causing this. >> maybe 5,000 in the lake and now maybe 10. plus all the cabins and that. it's, economic disaster for us this time of the year. >> last ye
claims his former lead attorney galanter mishandled his case. he says he gave them the green light to confront the two men selling simpson items he maintains they were stolen. >> that was never part of the trial. >> reporter: the heist was also caught on tape. simpson's co--counsel at the time claims he kept them in the dark. >> was he aware that he would carry before the plan. >> not at all. >> reporter: and never informed him of a plea bargain in the works. >> the offer was being discussed. >> if he had known of an offer, two to five, he would have taken it. if he understood the chances. >> reporter: now after spending four years behind bars of a sentence that could last 33, the man who never took the stand during his two criminal trials is ready to take the hot seat. >> it's going to be risky and it's going to be high drama. >> reporter: o.j. simpson says it was galanter who convinced him not to testify in 2008. it will be o.j.'s turn to take the stand. >> certainly a different man from the o.j. simpson we know and remember >> looks heavier. >> he is grayer. a picture, 2008 when
rcharismatic like he is. be o.j. >> reporter: it's built on the allegation his former attorney, yale galanter, wouldn't put him on the stand and didn't do a good or even fair job when he went on trial for this robbery. galanter has remained silent lew will testify later but not before o.j. simpson once again finds himself in the media crosshairs in court finally telling his version of events with his freedom at stake. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, las vegas. >> and for more on both cases let's go to vinnie politan, former prosecutor, now host of hln's "after dark." you heard o.j.'s friend. when he takes the stand for the first time we'll see him in one of these trials taking the stand. his friend just wants him to be himself. is that going to work. >> he can't just be himself. he has to do something much, much more which is somehow say his attorney messed up in a huge way and i think what he might say, george, is that his attorney was with him in vegas the night before the big caper, the robbery and this kidnapping and his lawyer knew what he was going to do and his la
, but he now says his former lawyer yale galante -- galanter told him of a possible plea deal. advised him not to testify. >> did you trust mr. galanter? >> yes. >> and always knew about his plans taking back the heirlooms, simpson claims he owned. >> i followed what i thought was the law. my lawyer told me you can't break into a guy's home. i didn't break into anybody's room, i didn't beat up anybody, i didn't try to muscle a guy. >> on wednesday, the public saw an older and different looking simpson than the one who didn't testify during his infamous 1995 trial. >> if it doesn't fit, you must acquit. >> when he was acquitted of the murders of ex-wife nicole brown simpson and her boyfriend ron -- her friend ron goldman. now into a prison sentence that could last another 28 years, legal analysts say the former football star is running out of options. >> this is a hail mary pass by o.j. simpson. most of these petitions are never granted. but frankly, this is o.j., so the case is always a little different. >> reporter: o.j. simpson on the stand for what may be his last shot at a new trial an
to his previous attorney, yael galanter, he refused comment. olths only >> joined now by rikki klieman. she covered both of simpson's trials. a hail mary motion. not good chances for oj here? not good chances. >> not good chances. who can blame him for trying once again? one good thing for him here. if he was never, ever advised there was plea deal on the table where he could have gotten two years, then he really does have -- >> is that conceivable? >> it's a little difficult. i tell you what i would have done. if i represented him, and i got such an offer, i would make sure not only did i tell him. i would present it to him in writing, make him countersign a piece of paper that he had heard me, he had read it, because otherwise, this could happen. >> what about a claim that the lawyer told him he could go back in the hotel room and get it? >> his lawyer may have said he was entitled to that memorabilia if he went and asked. the problem was he came in with a gang of low lives. one of them was armed. they pushed people around. there was a tape-recording. it looked like a robbery. the pe
. >> reporter:simpson and two other men went to the vegas hotel after attorney ron galanter told him the stolen items were there. >> jeez you're really going to want this stuff. they got pictures of," and this is his words, "your daughter who died, pictures of your mom and dad who's passed, man they got family albums of your mother." and that's when i got interested in trying to get it, that's what got my attention. >> reporter:simpson was secretly recorded during the confrontation. which became part of the 2008 trial testimony >>*@ @*$ %*# you think you can steal my #*$# and sell it. #*$# don't let nobody out of this room >> reporter: the sports dealers told police simpson's companions then pulled out guns. >> "we were just robbed at gunpoint by oj simpson." >> reporter:on the stand today he said he had been completely unaware that his two companions were armed. . was there any discussion between you and mr mclinton or mr alexander about using any guns about showing any guns? no. certainly no. there is no jury in las vegas. >> catherine: jodi air-ree- as is now two-thirds of the way towards a
's going to get out of this. galan galanter, a 30-year veteran, will not take the stand tomorrow and say, you know what, i committed malpractice. gee, even though it's 101 in the criminal arena to convey plea offers to defendants, oh, gosh, i forgot. let me fall on the sword for o.j. simpson. it ain't gonna happen. >> i like the picture we had up of o.j. of o.j., because look he's saying, huh, alcohol? you mean that was a defense? let's raise that. let's say i was drunk, and my lawyer didn't tell me i could raise that as a defense. >> now it's high -- as high as mark's ethics are, i will tell you my first major murder trial was one that was about to be covered by "60 minutes" and "48 hours" and i was going to be 32 and when the prosecutor came in and changed the offer from 22 years to life to a flat 6 years. i have no problem telling you, your honor, that at that point in my career, to have a national case get flushed down the toilet was a source of tension internally. of course, i did the right thing and told my client to take the six years. this is out of the realm of possibility when
yale galanter said he advised simpson against it. simpson claims he received ineffective counsel in his 2008 armed robbery and kidnapping convict shun. he wants a new trial. those are the headlines. i'm gregg jarrett. back to tracy. tracy:regg, have a good weekend. >> you too. tracy: with markets hitting record highs investors are looking for any hint the fed will dial down stimulus. our next guest says the fed will not take away the punch bowl anytime soon. plenty of time left in the party. brian jacob sown chief portfolio strategist with wells fargo fund management. brian, we've been hearing rumors about the sometime this summer they will pull the reins in. you say, the money will keep flowing. >> we heard a lot of the nonvoting members of the federal open market committee. it is a committee of 12 individuals. 12 people have the votes. ones speaking this week, they didn't have the votes. they're nonvoting members. what they're saying it may be important but not necessarily will shape policy for the rest of this year. i think there is plenty of party left in this fed. tracy: you look a
Search Results 56 to 78 of about 84 (some duplicates have been removed)